I just wanted to get in the door…

2 10 2011

Why does it have to be so hard to get in the door? Really? Take this past Wednesday, for example. I was trying to get from my car in the driveway to the front door and then IN the door. I had the dog with me because I had let her out the side gate by the driveway so my neighbors didn’t have to hear the incessant ear-piercing barking she engages in to make sure I know that she knows I am home. So, she ran to the front door while I struggled to carry two bags, my purse, an ice tea, and a Fed Ex package that conveniently showed up just as I arrived home. It went into my arms, not up to the front door.  The dog decided to entertain herself by barking at the neighbor’s dogs, what fun! I got the package to a chair that sits near the front door and I got the difficult to unlock door unlocked. The dog rushed in, leapfrogging over the cat who was, of course, right by the door. As I tried to get in the door I realized that the cat had gotten a claw or two stuck in the throw rug just inside the door and couldn’t get out of the way. So, I leapfrogged over the cat,too, and tossed everything onto the floor. Just as I turned to free the cat from the rug, the dog decided to rush out and bark at the neighbor’s dogs again. They are big dogs, and when they barked back, it was deep and very much “big dog.” The cat, stuck as he was by the open door, found the sound of big dog barking frightening and ran into the adjacent dining room.  The problem was that his claws were still stuck in the rug! He finally got rid of the rug about 5 feet later, with no injuries, I am happy to report.  Meanwhile, I was just yelling at the dog to get back inside and trying to get the Fed Ex package into the house. Whew! I got the package, got the dog inside, closed the door, and called my husband to find out what was in the package. (I was trying to figure out if it was something he had ordered for one of our daughters.) Besides, it was a good excuse to say “Hi.” As I was talking to Hubby and trying to put the rug back by the front door, the dog, who never knows what is under her feet EVER stood on the rug. I got her off and started to move the rug again. The dog stood on the rug AGAIN.  If  Hubby had not been on the phone with me at this point the dog would have had an earful!  All I wanted to do was get in the door….




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