Happy Birthday Mike, cont….

3 10 2011

I haven’t figured out yet how to insert a photo and have text in a post at the same time so I posted my brother’s picture separately in the previous post. Here is the post that goes with it.

Big day today! It is my Big Brother’s Birthday! He has had a rough year so we are very happy to celebrate his birthday. He is very happy to celebrate it too! We still get to laugh about those infamous sibling stories. His absolute favorite is the chocolate sauce incident. I was about six and Mike was about 16 at the time.   We had a can of that Hershey’s fudge sauce, the kind that is almost solid until you warm it up. Yummy! Mike was warming it up by setting the can in a pan on the stove. I was just certain that wouldn’t work and I told him so. He said it would, I repeated it wouldn’t. He said it would one more time and to prove it he picked up the can and poured chocolate sauce on my head! I immediately grasped that he was right and I was wrong! Oh, he just loves this story! So, as a 60th birthday present to my brother dear, I am putting this story out for all to see! Happy Birthday Mike!




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