The Perfect Beige, Part II

10 10 2011

The Perfect Beige has been chosen! It is Dunn Edwards Almond Latte. The painters come today to slather it on the walls and Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee on the wood work and we will call it good.

The anxiety is high over this event for two reasons:

  1. The house looks like we just moved in again. Since we moved so recently my Hubby and I are suffering PTMD (Post Traumatic Move Disorder) every time we look at the living room and dining room. It is just too scary. I try to take deep breaths and remind myself that it won’t take too long to put it all back.
  2. While Almond Latte is the Perfect Beige, it wasn’t so perfect in the little sample I got from Dunn Edwards. It was an ok color, but a little off from the little color chip in the store.  So I am hoping and praying that the color I have at the end of the day is like the color chip and not the sample.

So, folks, that is all you are going to hear from me today. I need to go do a little praying and some deep breathing to get through this day.




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