Precious Carpet Spot Remover

11 10 2011

My nervous dog, wearing a Halloween scarf Mark's mom bought her. She hates the camera so it is really hard to get a good photo of her!

OK, I have something to confess. Due to my dog’s nervous temperament and her reaction to our move a year and a half ago, my carpet has spots. I am happy to report that the dog has settled down but the end result is that I have used up all of my carpet spot cleaner and, in an effort to protect my dog’s reputation and mine (Of course, with this blog post, I have shot that, haven’t I? ), I felt a need to buy some carpet spot cleaner. Silly me. Apparently, since the last time I purchase such a product there has been a sea change in carpet spot cleaning. Either I am one of only a few hundred people left in America who have carpet, or none of the rest of you gets spots on your carpet.  Carpet spot cleaner is one hard product to find!

I remember , and until recently had, the spot cleaning foam in a can. Spray it on, rub it in, let it dry, vacuum it up. A very simple process that I have mastered to perfection having owned the Nervous Nellie of dogs for 10 years now. However, we did go through a nice long period there when she settled in at the old house and stopped using our carpet as her personal potty, and since I had a pretty full can of cleaner I didn’t have to buy any more for a few years. What happened???? I looked everywhere – two grocery stores, Target, and finally, at Kmart, tucked down on the bottom shelf so that I almost missed it, carpet spot cleaner! Not the foam kind, but I was so happy to find ANY carpet spot cleaner!    It worked pretty well, too. To give credit where credit is due, it is Woolite Oxy Deep +Bissell Stain Fighters Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner. So, to whatever large conglomerate that owns the company that made this product, THANK YOU!




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