I Forgot About Facebook

12 10 2011

We have started enjoying Friday nights at the local VFW. For those not in the know, that is the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Even though neither my husband nor I ever fought on foreign soil (unless you count any time he was driving a car in a foreign country and I was yelling at him) they kindly let us come in, eat dinner, enjoy karaoke and, if we feel like it, a nice rum and coke. So, finally, the third time we were at the VFW, I broke down and sang a song with four other women, all of us in a different key, according to my husband. Then someone else got up to sing and Irene, bless her, jumped up and started dancing away! I told Diana that friends don’t let friends dance alone. She and I jumped up and danced with Irene in front of a very forgiving crowd. But, the best part, the part that is the whole point of this story, is that I had just sat down from our little impromptu performance when Diana’s husband said “It’s already on Facebook.” Really? Video of that performance already on Facebook? What happened to the good old days when those kinds of public displays just spread by rumor and whisper???? Sigh! It’s a whole new world, and I, being a woman in the middle and all,  am nowhere near caught up!




One response

14 10 2011
Linda Wingard

I’m sorry I missed your coming out party at the VFW, sounds like fun, and I would of joined in!! Have a great day.

Linda Wingard

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