It’s Summer Again!

13 10 2011

Remember just one week ago yesterday I complained that it had gone from summer to winter here in dear old Southern California in just one day? Just last Wednesday it rained all day and it only got up to 61 degrees. (Those of you in colder climates need to stop laughing now. Sixty one degrees is cold in these parts. I had to wear long pants with my short sleeve shirt.) I predicted that it would warm up again because summer lasts until at least the middle of October around here  This is one instance where I sooooo wish I was not right!

Yesterday it day it hit 102 degrees. Yes, you read that right. I was forced to put on my capris and flip flops again. At 7:45 last night in the pitch dark it was still over 90 degrees!  We are going to have the same heat again today, over 100, and then it begins to cool off again, or so they say. Our normal temperature for today is about 84 degrees. Glad I didn’t plan any yard work or a trip to Disneyland. Instead I am trying to keep the plants alive and the pool from turning green.

My Hubby likes to say that in our neck of the woods, if you don’t like the weather that’s OK, because tomorrow it will be different.   I am really hoping tomorrow will be different.




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