Taking the Cat to the Vet

14 10 2011

Blackie, large cat extraordinaire, has developed a lump on the side of his face so we are taking him to the vet today to get it checked out. This puts me in my best Ninja mode. I must silently and with great stealth take down the car carrier, place it on the washing machine, open the carrier door, and make sure Blackie doesn’t see any of this. Then I must oh so casually walk back into the house, looking like I don’t have a care in the world.  I then find Blackie, who likes to find someplace cozy to sleep during the day. I lean down and I rub him a bit, gently but quickly pick him up, and walk very quickly towards the garage. As I open the door to the garage I must simultaneously grab his front legs with one hand while keeping hold of the rest of his bulky self with my other hand, arm, and half my body. Then, if all has gone well up to this point (and it usually does) I slip him into the carrier, slam the door shut, and do my happy dance!

One time I took him in our smallest carrier to the Vet. Another proud cat owner tried to “out cat” me while we were both waiting for our appointments.  Her cat weighed 15 pounds! I put my smugly superior cat owner face on and informed this woman that my cat weighed 22 pounds. Ha! Shut her down!!!  Very few people can ever win the battle of large cats with me!




One response

14 10 2011
Mark Johnson

You forgot to mention the years it took to perfect this procedure, and the hour it takes to search for and pry the cat out of hiding when it is not executed perfectly.

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