I Broke an ATM Machine

17 10 2011

There is always a first for everything. On Saturday I broke an ATM machine for the very first time. A few days ago, during that little two day heat wave we had, I accidentally left my ATM card in the cup holder in my car. Really, that is not something I normally do! So, it sat there in the heat and the sun and, like the bit of thin plastic that it is, it melted a bit and got lumpy on one side. I used it at a few stores and restaurants and, with one exception, it worked just fine.

Saturday morning I was down to exactly one dollar in my wallet so I decided that, as I was on  my way to the Jurupa Valley Book Festival, I would stop by the bank and get some money.  As I slipped my card into the slot on the ATM machine, I had a thought about whether this was a good idea or not. Well, it wasn’t. The card went it. The machine couldn’t read it. It tried to spit it back out three or four  times. That didn’t happen either. And then the message popped up  “This machine is temporarily out or service.” Sigh!

For some reason my family thinks this story is REALLY funny. I, on the other hand, am not so amused. You can probably predict what happens next. I am going to be at the bank today just as they open, to retrieve my melted card and order a new one. My recommendation is that you never leave your ATM card in the sun!




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