Dog Proof Locks

19 10 2011

My hubby, one of the handiest men on the earth, installed another dog proof lock in the kitchen. The package said “child proof lock” on it, but that isn’t what it is in our house. The dog developed a nasty habit of getting into the side of the cupboard under the sink where we keep the kitchen trash. So Handy Hubby installed a dog proof lock on that door to keep her out. Soon, she discovered that if she opened the door next to it she could get at the trash from the side. My Eldest Daughter came up with the idea of putting a chair in front of that door. Problem solved! Until the dratted dog moved the chair and still got into the trash which, of course,  contained chicken bones.

It is the very nature of trash that it is filled with things you want to throw out. A recent trash expedition by the dog got her an entire package of lunch meat that expired in July. I slept on the couch that night, both to save the dog and to save the wood floor. I am happy to report that, except for a tummy that gurgled, the dog has survived both the ancient lunch meat and the chicken bones without a problem. We don’t want to take any more chances however. Besides, I am really tired of cleaning up the trash strewn all over my kitchen.





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