I Wish I Had Some Ants

21 10 2011

I have had a half full bag of planting soil in my front yard for way too many months now. Yesterday I finally decided to move it, use it up, and otherwise get it out of the yard. Well, when I picked up the bag, surprise, a huge colony of ants had taken up residence under it. Not only did I expose thousands upon thousands of ants, but I looked closely and could see hundreds of little ant eggs as well. Fascinating!

After I got the soil put around some plants in my yard I decided to go back and look at my fascinating ant colony again. Much to my amazement in just 10 short minutes the ants had picked up every one of those eggs and moved them out of sight, underground, into another part of their colony. Wow! That was fast work!

I am cleaning up my house for a reunion tonight of people from one of my former workplaces. (I seem to be getting an ever longer list of former workplaces.) I sure could use some busy worker ants to come in and clean up around here in 10 minutes flat! Wouldn’t that be great? The fast clean up, not the ants! LOL!

When we got home from vacation back in September we found our kitchen overrun with ants.   Unfortunately, they weren’t cleaning up a thing!




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