Car Repairs

28 10 2011

My Hubby and his PT Cruiser got rear ended on the freeway a couple of nights ago. I am very happy to report that he is fine. The car, not so much. This got me to thinking about how, no matter how good your (or the other driver’s) insurance is, an accident is a time sucking vortex. Our Youngest Daughter was clipped by a drunk driver in February 2010. She was not hurt (cue angels singing!) but the car was. Twenty months later we are still dealing with the fall out of that accident. There were court appearances she was subpoenaed to attend, time with the insurance company and repair shops, and all the work my husband did to save money and put the car back together. Now the DMV has given us a list of four things we have to do to register her car this year, everything from a smog test to going to our local police station and getting them to sign off on the safety of the car. It took the DMV months after we sent in the registration check to tell us this wonderful news, of course.

So, instead of doing research for my book, or cleaning out my garage, or, heaven forbid, sneaking off to watch Storage Wars, I will be dealing with car issues today and next week. All because some guy on the freeway wasn’t paying attention and a woman on Limonite Avenue had too much to drink.




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