Day Light Savings Time

7 11 2011

Night before last we “fell back” an hour.  Theoretically that is supposed to gain us an extra hour of sleep. But, as I lay in bed Saturday morning at 7:15, listening to the tip tap of the dog’s toenails on the wood floor outside my bedroom door, a horrible thought dawned on me.  If she was making me get out of bed at 7:15 this morning, tomorrow morning it would be 6:15 am. Oh no!!!!! And it will be 6:15 every morning until I can convince her that there is absolutely NO REASON she needs to get up that early.

My dog has decided that only I can let her out in the morning. My husband can be up, moving around, getting dressed, using the bathroom, practically leading a brass band through the house, and she won’t budge an inch off of her bed.  But the second she hears me, or 7:15, whichever comes first, she is ready to rock and roll! Since I do not think that the mere thought of me makes her bladder fill up I have to assume she just prefers to torture me!

So why exactly do we have daylight savings time (DST)? I did a little research and found out that DST was first enacted in the United States during World War I as an energy savings measure. It was repealed after the war and then reinstituted during World War II, again as an energy savings measure. Until 1966 (except during the aforementioned wars) the federal government left the decision to use day light savings time to local and state governments. This resulted in a hodge podge of daylight savings time practices. You could have one county that used it next door to another that didn’t. That all changed in 1966 when the federal government passed the Uniform Time Act. It mandated DST to begin nationwide on the last Sunday in April and end on the last Sunday in October. A
state could opt out of daylight savings time (as Arizona and Hawaii do) but only if the whole state does. Recently that law was changed and daylight savings time now begins the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November.

That is right. For just four months of  standard time a year I have to deal with my dog and her irritating potty habits. Well, I have to deal with her irritating potty habits all year long, but changing the time just adds more to her arsenal!

As one last hurrah before early evening darkness returned, I bundled up against our unseasonably chilly weather,  grabbed a mug of hot tea, and went outside to enjoy reading in the evening light Saturday night. I got cold pretty quickly but it was still lovely!




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