It Wasn’t a Dollar

8 11 2011

I had one of those “Good Grief” moments yesterday, as in “Good grief, I can’t believe I did that.” Over the weekend I bought a little recipe booklet. This one  included a bean soup recipe that sounded good so I decided to try it. It needed two teaspoons of chili powder and one eighth of a teaspoon of cloves, neither of which I had. I decided to pop into my local Dollar Tree to see if they happened to have the spices I needed. Of course I had my recipe book with me! And, of course, I bought a few other things as well. Somehow, when I put everything down on the conveyor belt, my recipe book got mixed up with the things I was  buying.

As I was walking to my car, I realized that I didn’t have the recipe book in my hand. Where did it go? I had it in the dollar store…so I looked in the bag and there it was! Then I looked at my receipt and there it was! Nestled in amongst all of those dollar items, right in the middle, was my recipe book. And they didn’t charge me a dollar for it!  It rang up at $4.99!

At a dollar I might have just swallowed my embarrassment. But that little recipe booklet was not worth $4.99 twice!  Yep, I went back into the store to get my refund of $4.99 plus tax. Sigh! I loved having to explain what happened to the store manager!

I made the soup last night. It was pretty good and my husband really liked it. So I guess it was worth it…..




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