Making Lemonade

9 11 2011

My husband’s car went off to the shop yesterday to recover from being rear ended on the freeway. My Hubby decided to make lemonade from the lemons he was handed by renting a replacement that was better than the Ford Focus the insurance was going to pay for. It was also better than we are likely to buy any time soon. That is the fun of renting cars. It is like trying on the life of another person. Since an upper middle class family is probably not going to let us, the dog and the cat move into their house, the rental car is as good as it gets.

So what did he get? It is a Lincoln. It has leather seats that will heat or cool you, which ever you prefer at the moment. It doesn’t require a key to start. As a matter of fact there is no place to put the key. Both the driver and the passenger can adjust the temperature of ac/heater on their side of the car. In other words, lots of bells and whistles. He took me for a drive last night, to Pam’s Donuts, his favorite donut shop here in Jurupa Valley. Yep, we know how to party! Unfortunately, Pam’s was closed. But it was still a nice ride! I may have to have him take me out again before this week is over.




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