10 11 2011

Today I just wanted to give you a a few updates on previous posts:

Blackie the Cat – I am happy to report that Blackie is doing fine after his expensive trip to the vet. Cone is off, medicine is finished, and he is a happy camper because he gets wet cat food once a day now, to get a little more liquid into his diet. He needs to go back soon to be retested to see if he has an over active thyroid, but he is back to running full speed down the hall way, and even does it two or three times a day now!

Decluttering – I continue to work on the garage. It is getting there. But now I am starting to get to the hard stuff, the stuff that maybe I should keep, maybe I should toss. Anyone need a slightly faded ostrich feather pen used only once at a wedding 25 years ago? Let me know, because I have one.

ATM – I have not broken any more ATM machines with my melted ATM card. As a matter of fact, I have a new one that is nice and flat and goes in and out of the bank machines with no problem. It lets me get money any time I want, which may or may not be a good thing….

Linda, Mathew, and Steve – You may remember that my land line number was previously used by three people who seem to have credit problems. Well, add to them a fourth person. Her name is Lisa and they have been really trying to get a hold of her the last couple of days. Good luck to her as well!

Santa Ana Wind – The dry dry wind has really done a number on our red navel orange tree. The poor thing is all dry and scorched on one side and the oranges, full-grown but not ripe yet, are falling off in droves. All those people I was planning on giving oranges to at Christmas…not going to happen.   Maybe next year!




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