Oh, Pantyhose!

11 11 2011

To all the men out there who may be reading this, I apologize. Just as I will never get the agony of wearing a tie or shaving my face every day, you will never understand the agony of pantyhose. Well, most of you won’t, but I am not going to go there right now.

Last night the city council of my four month old city picked our very first planning commission.  I was one of fifteen people who applied for the five positions. I thought I should look nice and professional for this event so I went out recently and bought a new dress with a matching jacket (in black – good for so many occasions!).  I even made the effort to put on PANTYHOSE. Yep, my arch nemesis, pantyhose. You know I am serious if I pull on the hose! When I told my friends to come to the meeting for support and to see my new dress (come on, we women know what is important!) you should have heard them laugh when I said “I am even putting on pantyhose.” Women know what that means! Big guns, pulling out all the stops, totally serious, etc…

Maybe those Occupy kids should put on the pantyhose. Then we would all know to take them seriously!

By the way, yes I did get selected for the very first planning commission of my fair city. General plan, land use and zoning, here I come!




8 responses

6 10 2012
morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer

Wow; I’m following the blog of an important community leader. Watch out, or you might be selected to be a presidential candidate!

7 12 2011
Tilly Bud

I feel your pain…

Congrats on getting the job.

15 11 2011
Stuff I Can't Post

Too funny! I detest pantyhose with every fiber of my being. I would rather have my legs fall off (which my grandmother fully believed would happen) than wear them. I was forced to wear pantyhose that looked like I rolled the bottom half of my body in shimmery Doritos as a kid…. the painful memories still haunt me in family photos of Easters and family events past.

If the need does arise, I can mostly get behind a cute pair of patterned tights. So bless you and more power to you for putting those bad boy pantyhose on. I hope it worked out for you!

16 11 2011

I have no idea if the pantyhose worked but I did get appointed to the planning commission. Thanks for the comment. It was very funny as usual!

16 11 2011
Stuff I Can't Post

Perhaps my grandma was right? Pantyhose = magic power. 🙂 Maybe I should try them again.

Congratulations on getting appointed to the planning commission! You’ll do great I am sure!

20 11 2011

Thank you! I am the only woman so I am sure I will have o pull those pantyhose out again in the future!

11 11 2011
Linda Wingard

By the way Kim, You looked very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Wingard

11 11 2011

Why thank you! I tried!

Kim Check out my Jurupa History Blog at jurupahistory.blogspot.com

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