All Time Most Views

15 11 2011

Imagine my surprise when I checked this blog this morning and found the post from last Friday right there at the top of the page. What? I know I wrote a post yesterday!!!!  So, I logged onto to “blog management” area and sure enough, there, in the “drafts” is yesterday’s blog post, never posted. Sigh!

While I was there I decided to check my stats, those interesting little statistics that tell me how many people have visited my blog and where that traffic is coming from, etc… Imagine my surprise when I found out that yesterday, the one day I didn’t post anything, was my all time highest traffic day yet with 30 hits! Maybe I should not post more often!

My heart is still racing from a little incident that just happened while I was trying to compose the six or so sentences you just read. We seem to have acquired a neighborhood cat that likes to wander through our yard. It just strolled past our sliding glass door which upset Blackie all to heck and he started making those funny cat growling noises. That got Honey’s attention and she trotted over to see what was going on. Halfway there she also spotted the intruder and rushed to the door and began barking her fool head off. This surprised or otherwise upset Blackie and he turned on Honey and started attacking her. Honey attacked back…I screamed so loud my throat still hurts and clapped my hands so hard they hurt too. I could just see my planned minor redo of the front bathroom going up in a poof of vet bills! These two have NEVER fought like that. I have to assume that Blackie was startled by Honey at the same time he was getting all upset at the strange cat. Whew! That was better at getting my heart pumping than a double espresso at a bull riding competition!

I am happy to report that everyone, except me, has recovered. Both animals are sitting on the floor with my Eldest, trying to get the most love. It is a competition, you know. I think I will go watch a bit of mindless television ansd try to calm down.




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