Checking Out UTube

16 11 2011

We were watching the sitcom “New Girl” Friday night. It is a new show this season. A character on the show had been out of the country for two years and felt a need to do a crash course in recent pop culture. He had himself hooked up to two different lap tops, watching two movies simultaneously. He said “I am watching ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Precious’ and then I am going to watch “David After Dentist.” I had no idea what that last one was so I paused the show and  asked my Hubby and my Eldest Daughter, who were watching TV with me.  My dear Hubby didn’t know either but my Eldest did! She had her lap top in her lap (how appropriate!) and proceeded to pull up one of the most popular videos ever on UTube, called, you guessed it, “David After Dentist.” It is the video of a little boy still high on pain killers, after he had a dental procedure.  So it seems that my husband and I had missed that modern pop culture phenomenon!

Then the character on the show mentioned something about a double rain bow and once again, the old fogies in the room had no clue what he was  talking about. So once again we paused the TV show (isn’t Tivo wonderful?) and Eldest  showed us that video. At that point she was getting a little offended by our total lack of UTube video knowledge and showed us a couple more big UTube hits.

I am happy to report, that, at this very moment anyway, Hubby and I are caught up with pop culture, at least as presented on UTube.  We are also feeling very old and out of touch, but I think that is our job now. It gives our children something else to laugh at and we want our children to be happy!




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