I Don’t Miss High School

17 11 2011

I went for a coffee run this morning and as I was coming home I passed by a high school bus stop. They must have been having a late start day as normally they aren’t out and about at 8:45 a.m. There were eight kids at the bus stop. Two girls were talking together, then ten feet later there was a boy and then ten feet later there was another girl and then 10 feet later there was another boy and then 10 feet later there was another boy. Oh, I could feel their teenage angst! They couldn’t talk to one another, they couldn’t even be NEAR one another. They all stared straight ahead, waiting for that bus! Their discomfort was visible in their faces and their body language. It was giving me flashbacks!

I felt like gathering them all together and explaining that they would be waiting for that bus together until May and it wasn’t going to hurt anything if they got within shouting distance of one another and chatted a bit before the bus came. It might even make the wait a little bit more interesting. Here is hoping that they figure all this out themselves before the school year is over.

I don’t think I will ever forget being a teenager and that feeling of not belonging, of being uncomfortable in my own skin….I am happy to report that I got over that. I now regularly chat with total strangers. If I was stuck at a bus stop I would be talking away with everyone around me.  Meanwhile, I am glad I am no longer in high school!




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