The Pluses and Minuses of Going to the ER

18 11 2011

In my efforts to turn every moment of my life into a possible blog post (or at least that is what my family says) I give you the pluses and minuses of going to the Emergency Room:


1. Feel bad enough you actually want to go to the ER.

2. Realizing I need medical attention just as the Urgent Care closes for the night.

3. Group of frat boys there with a “brother” that is laughing, joking, doesn’t seem sick or injured at all and is ahead of you in line.

4. Man who got comfortable, and, since it is the middle of the night, falls asleep and starts to snore.

5. Getting asked, “On a scale of one to 10 how bad is your pain?” when pain wasn’t the issue.

6. Other patients, some not in their right mind, wearing hospital gowns.  Avert the eyes, avert the eyes!


1. Caring medical staff. Ok,that puts a little too much lipstick on that pig. More like professional staff doing their job who have the legal right to prescribe the drugs I so wanted to have.

2. Clean bathrooms. They sparkled. Since I was in there A LOT I had every opportunity to see and appreciate this.

3. The aforementioned drugs.

4. The occasional staff member who smiled at my black humor. “Why are you here tonight?” “So you can knock me in the head with a hammer and put me out of my misery.”

5. Prescriptions get filled fast in the middle of the night.

6. Having a husband who, after a long day at work, sat at the ER with me until one am, took me home, and then went to the only 24 hour pharmacy in greater Hooterville to get my medicine so I could start taking it sooner rather than later.

7. It was probably the last time I will see the number “49” in print before my birthday. Don’t discount the goodness and joy of that.

8. I have never been to an emergency room for myself before. Oh so glad I could cross that off my bucket list before I turn 50. Yeah, that was sarcasm.

I am feeling better and my husband has requested that if I am contemplating a relapse to do it before 9 p.m. tonight so I can go to urgent care. I felt that was a reasonable request.




2 responses

18 11 2011
Linda Wingard

Last night while taking out the dogs at 11pm, I noticed your car was not home from the c.c. meeting, I told Dick, WOW, we left too early, something happened, Kim is still not home, WOW I wonder what happened!!! Now I know you were at the ER, I’m sorry, I hope your feeling better. Yes, night people can be weird. Happy Birthday when it does come!!!!!!

Linda Wingard

20 11 2011

I am feeling much better now, although not as well as I would have hoped after three days worth of antibiotics. Hope to be back to normal by tomorrow or it is off to seek medical attention yet again, but this time during day light hours!

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