Thanksgiving Memories and Pumpkin Pie, Part III

23 11 2011

I will never forget the year we had two Thanksgivings. Pain tends to cement memories into your brain….

Some friends of ours had moved to Flagstaff Arizona, about an eight our drive from our home in Southern California. The year I was 13 or so my parents decided that we were going to visit them, leaving the day after Thanksgiving and returning Sunday.  Because we were leaving the day after Turkey Day my mom didn’t want to cook the big meal and have all those leftovers moldering in the fridge while we were gone.  My grandmother fixed the meal that year and we ate at the usual time, 2 p.m., at her mobile home, just the four of us.  It was a wonderful meal because Nanny was a great cook. We did what all self-respecting Americans do on Thanksgiving – We pigged out.

The only problem with that was that my mother, for some unknown reason, also accepted an invitation to have Thanksgiving dinner with our friends the Millers later that evening.  The three of us agreed that we weren’t going to eat much at the Millers because we were already stuffed. Yeah, right. If nothing else, we Americans know how to do a Thanksgiving meal right! I could not believe the food my dad put on his plate! But, my mom and I ate up too, just not quite with the same gusto as he did. My dad loved good food!

I have never been so full in my life, before or since. I have got to tell you, it cut down on the stops the next day because none of us was hungry! I think I had one apple on the whole eight hour trip. My parents didn’t eat at all until we had dinner in Flagstaff. To this day I can not believe we did that. And I don’t recommend it as a strategy before a long car trip either. Just step away from the table….

I wish all of you a very Happy and Yummy Thanksgiving!




One response

23 11 2011
Linda Wingard

Thanks Kim, I wish you and yours a wonderful day also!!

Linda Wingard

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