Road Trip – Las Vegas

28 11 2011

The day after Thanksgiving my Hubby and I headed out to Las Vegas where were met up with Barb and Jim, our friends from Seattle. By the numbers, our weekend was something like this:

2 Shows – We went to the Brad Garrett Comedy Club at the Tropicana (soon to move to the MGM Grand). We bought the tickets at one of those discount ticket places. When we bought the tickets we had a whole conversation with our sales person about not wanting the VIP tickets as we didn’t want to sit close enough to the comedians to get heckled. So, imagine our surprise when we turned in our voucher at the box office and they told us we had VIP tickets. Sigh! So I joked with Barb that with our luck they would upgrade us and put us in the front row… Oh, ha ha! I am so witty! When we arrived at the show that is exactly what they did, put us in the front row. Oh no! I am happy to report that the comedians we saw were not that sort and we just got to be REALLY close, but no heckling was involved.

The second show was “Defending the Caveman” at Harrah’s. It is a one man show about the differences between the sexes.  All four of us laughed our way through the show and had a great time. While not a show for children, I definitely could have taken my adult daughters or my parents and felt comfortable.  This link takes you to a page that has good information on  this show:

2 Rum and Cokes – one per show. Yummy!

2 Buffets – We ate at the Monte Carlo and Harrah’s. Both were yummy, but the extreme carnivores in the crowd said the prime rib at the Monte Carlo was better than at Harrah’s. Tip for the day: The ticket discounter (we used Tickets 4 Tonight) also had discounts on the buffets. With the purchase of a $2 voucher (per person) I think we got $6 off each meal. Worth it since we were in line to buy other tickets any way.

1 Museum – We visited the Clark County Museum on Saturday. I highly recommend it! The museum includes a street with various historical houses that have been moved to the museum from other areas. Some have been furnished in a period appropriate manner and you can walk through them. Even better, at this time of year the houses were decorated for Christmas or Hanukah!   You can find the museum on the web at

1 Walgreens Clinic visit – In spite of taking my antibiotics like a good girl, my little problem came roaring back on Saturday. This is the second vacation in a row someone in the family has had to go to urgent care. I joked that we are starting a new family vacation tradition!

4 Hours – If you leave Las Vegas at 7:45 in the morning the Sunday after Thanksgiving you can, with a little luck, get home in a reasonable amount of time. Leave later and you can double or even triple your travel time.




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8 12 2011
Arnold Tompkins

Great post!

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