No longer in the Coveted Demographic

29 11 2011

I was just reading something that mentioned the “coveted 18-49 demographic.” Sigh. A few days ago I forever left that coveted demographic. Nothing makes me feel older than knowing that an entire world of retailers and marketers now thinks that I will never spend a dime of money on anything other than laxatives and Viagra ever again! I seriously don’t understand it at all.

I googled “coveted demographic” to try to understand why I am no longer considered a desirable consumer. The only reason I could find is that older people are thought to be “brand loyal” and not willing to change to a new product. Really. Wow. They really don’t know me then. I am not brand loyal at all. I am price loyal, however. There isn’t a Tide commercial on this earth that will make me spend the many extra dollars required to buy that laundry detergent, for example. And that was a decision I made many years ago when I was smack dab in the middle of the “coveted demographic!” Go figure!

Meanwhile, I will continue to spend my hard-earned dollars without the benefit of any marketing directed at me and my not so coveted age group. Humm….maybe that isn’t so bad after all?




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