We are so Dang Lucky!

30 11 2011

I know that the rest of the United States (and the world, for that matter) thinks Southern California is a magical place because of  the weather, the beaches, and Hollywood. But what they don’t realize is that the real reason So Cal is magical is because we have access to See’s Candy year round. And that makes So Cal one of the luckiest places on earth!

Based on my previous statement, you can probably guess that I popped into a See’s Candy store yesterday, can’t you? See’s candy was stacked to the rafters, it smelled like chocolate, and they handed me a free piece, because everyone who walks in the door gets a free piece of See’s candy! Heaven! I purchased a couple of pieces of my absolute favorite, the butterscotch square, and I also picked up a cranberry orange truffle. I had never had that truffle before and let me tell you, it was yummy! If you like cranberry and orange, you will love that little nugget of dark chocolate covered happiness!

Having grown up in So Cal, I also grew up with See’s candy. My mother would buy a two-pound box of the assorted milk chocolate candy every year at Christmas and for that short period of time heaven in a box resided in our house! Because of that tradition I thought everyone had access to such yummy deliciousness. Imagine my surprise when I found out that 1) Sees Candy is only in the western United States; and 2) other candy is not nearly as good, even if it is sold in stores and is in a pretty box.

Yes, we are truly blessed in Southern California to have unlimited access to Sees Candy. Nobody put me up to this by the way. It was the chocolate that made me do it! You can got to this link to read a little history of See’s Candy:  http://www.sees.com/index.cfm/about_us




One response

6 12 2011
S. Kay Murphy

I had no idea! I assumed See’s was nationwide. I’ll be darned. A long time ago, I trained myself to stop going in there, as the store would swallow ten bucks faster than I could swallow anything-covered-in-dark-chocolate. Dang it. Now I’ll have to stop by to try that cranberry orange truffle!!

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