Historic Wind

1 12 2011

I was worried about greeting the day today after the “historic” Santa Ana winds started up last night. It was very disconcerting to watch the glass in the sliding door flexing with the wind as Hubby, Eldest Daughter and I watched television.  Then, as usual, we got to hear our three old-fashioned metal patio chairs fall over one by one. We threw extra water on our navel orange tree in the hopes of helping it through this “unprecedented”  wind. I went out about 11 last night to rescue the little metal welcome sign I had by the front door. I was too late. It was long gone!  I am happy to report that the tiki bar sing on the patio was still there. Sigh.

The wind seemed to ease up a smidge in the middle of the night and I did actually get some sleep. A peek outside this morning showed that we got the requisite drifts of leaves and pine needles from our neighbors’ trees. It is at times like this that I wish they all had more of a scorched earth policy towards landscaping! Of course, the other 360 days of the year I enjoy seeing their lovely yards!

The pool is, of course, full of the aforementioned leaves and pine needles. That cement pond is a pain in the neck on days like these. Again, it is a lovely thing on a hot summer day. It seems that the wind makes things that are perfectly wonderful other days of the year turn into not so wonderful things on days like today.

I better go and try to find my welcome sign. It is probably in my neighbor’s yard, or maybe the next county. Oh well, it is Christmas time and I was going to put a new one out anyway!




3 responses

2 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

I read this post yesterday (12/1) and then last night on the local NYC news they did a story on how bad the wind has been. I had no idea. Hang on and hang in there.

2 12 2011

Thank you for your concern! I am happy to report that the wind has finished and where we live it wasn’t as bad as some other parts of So Cal. It appears that the loss of my front door welcome sign is the biggest issue we have. That assumes the pool survived the dump of leaves and pine needles it received!

1 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

Maybe the wind will blow your welcome sign back home.

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