Shining a Little Light on the Subject

2 12 2011

Yes, with my (gulp!) 50th birthday having recently happened you are going to have to put up with posts that talk about the joys (not) of middle age. Today, I want to talk about how happy a little $15 LED desk light from Kmart made me!

I am very lucky that I have reached that 50 mark without needing bifocals or reading glasses. Unlike my dear Hubby and many of our friends, I can still read the fine print with my regular glasses. There is just one problem- I can only read it in the equivalent of the noon day sun! Since the room where I spend most of my time staring at a computer is not equipped with its own sun, this has become a problem. I am working on a new book on local history which requires me to squint at copies of old newspapers printed from scratched micro film. The copies are also not printed at their original size so the print is anywhere from small to tiny to microscopic.   It was reaching the point where I was using a flashlight or running out of the room to the sliding glass door and back to read what I needed to read and then type what I needed to type. This is not an efficient way to write a book, just for future reference!

So, last night I dragged Hubby to the local Kmart and we picked out new lights for the Christmas tree and then headed over to the lamps. We immediately saw a little box with a cute little lamp shown on the front (see picture below). We pulled one out and it was what I was looking for – small, adjustable, LED, and only $14.99!!!! Oh, my cheap little heart sang with joy!

So, my little lamp is sitting here on the desk, shining its bright light on my newspaper copies and my keyboard and all is right with the world. Thank you, Essential Home LED Task Light.




4 responses

6 12 2011
S. Kay Murphy

Kim, LOL! When I wrote Tainted Legacy, I could never do research at night–because I was looking at copies of 6 point font newspaper articles! I found myself often walking over to the window and then holding the copies close to my face. I’d forgotten all about it!

4 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

Ahhh…the simple things in life.

4 12 2011

I know. Who needs a yacht when you can have the Essential Home LED task light from Kmart?????

3 12 2011

Nice post 🙂

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