Getting in the Christmas Spirit

5 12 2011

Loving the holiday spirit in the air! I went to a cookie exchange and to a holiday music show over the weekend so I had a healthy dose of Christmas goodness on the first weekend in December. I have quite a bit of my shopping done (please don’t hate me) and a smattering of my decorations are up. I dropped off several sacks of donations to various places to help others in our community have a good Christmas. I truly feel I have made a good solid big step forward into the holidays.  So, that slight sense of panic I keep feeling has been puzzling me. Everything is under control……

Then it dawned on me, I am not panicking about what needs to be done, I am panicking about the holiday season slipping by too fast! How silly! I can just see myself missing the love and wonder of the season worrying about missing the love and wonder of the season…So, if you are having any holiday panic issues come along with me and take a deep breath….Ah, that feels better!

My Hubby and I put up the giant plastic bulbs on stakes in our yard on Saturday. They look much more festive than that sounds! Unfortunately, other things kept Hubby from stringing the extension cord to them so we could light them up at night. He kindly went out after dinner, in the cold and the dark, to rectify that situation. He was standing behind some bushes in the corner where the house and garage meet when he suddenly began having trouble seeing. He blinked a few times, wondering what in the heck was going on, but the problem didn’t clear up. Then it dawned on him. He was standing over the dryer vent and the dryer was running. His glasses had steamed up! We laughed when he told me that story!




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