Sunshine and John Denver

6 12 2011

Our cold Santa Ana winds have made me think back to summer…..I am not a sun worshiper. With close family members who had skin cancer, it is just not my favorite thing. I am also not a tank top person but this past summer, in an effort to rid myself of my farmer tan, I bought a couple of tank tops. One day I was coming out of the store wearing one of them and a slight warm breeze touched my shoulders and the sun beat down warm on those same body parts and it felt lovely…for about 20 seconds until I started to sweat and I REALLY don’t like to sweat! But for those 20 seconds I hummed the old John Denver tune “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…”

This moment of summer brought to you by me, the Woman in the Middle, who is at the moment is in the middle of winter, the middle of Christmas decorating, the middle of package wrapping, and in the middle of thinking about shorts, a tall icy drink, and warm weather…..




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