It Was A Busy Day

8 12 2011

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. It turned out to be busier than I expected! Here is how my day went:

Up at 7:06 a.m. Dog immediately lied to me and tried to make me think she had not been out yet. My daughter, who was studying for a final, was already up and informed me of the dog’s duplicity. The cat also lied and tried to make me think that he had not seen food in a week. I didn’t believe him but fed him any way. I gave the dog a bone and they both finally left me alone.

I went in to the dining room and expressed surprise at seeing my daughter at that time of the morning (finals are magical things!) and then read the newspaper, got my breakfast and took my “sitting around and eating bon bons” moment of the day and watched an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” Oh why do I love that show so?

After that it was on to the computer, check email, respond to email, read the new postings from the blogs I follow, and hear happy news from a friend that she thinks my writing is going in the right direction for the local history book I am working on.

About 9 am I got a phone call from a person that belongs to a local service club. He asked how that little history timeline project he asked me to do WEEKS ago was going( my emphasis, not his). Oops. Oh yeah, totally forgot about that. Got off the phone and, with a fire at my tail started on that. It is amazing how much you can get done with a little motivation! Worked on that for an hour, hopped in the shower, and then hopped in the car, off to the doctor. Check up time!

I am happy to report that nothing of any interest was found but I have to say one new thing happened. As the nurse was taking about my health history she asked if my partner was a man.  Hadn’t ever been asked that before. But hey, there is a first time for everything!

My hairdresser was running late (not her fault) so I had time to get lunch and pop over to the 99 cent store. I love that place! I somehow managed to find 22 items that only cost 99.9 cents each! I told my hairdresser it was her fault.

Unfortunately, both of my parents went gray/white early so my hairdresser has way more to do than just trim my hair. Towards the end of that process my Eldest Daughter called and begged for a flavored coffee drink. That was all I needed to convince myself that I needed one, too. I stopped by McDonald’s on the way home and finally staggered into my house at 5 p.m. Dear lord, where did the day go?

At that point I decided that you all had survived the day without a post from me so I would, for just the second time so far in the history of my blog, not post anything on a normal weekday.   Then I went back to finishing that little history project I had agreed to do. Just another day in the neighborhood!




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