I Am So Easy To Please!

9 12 2011

“I’ve been productive tonight!” my Hubby announced at 9 p.m. last night. And he certainly was! He hung a framed print above our bed and a three compartment paper holder by the computer desk.  And these two things made me SO happy! Yep, just like my new desk light, it was another evening where the little things made my night!

I have never in my entire life lived in a brand new house. When you buy a “preowned” house one of the things you can count on are nails in the wall. Another thing you can count on is that my Hubby or I will hang something on those nails just to get it off the floor. The third thing you can count on is that those things, hung “temporarily”,  will actually hang there for a very long time. Sigh.

The fireplace in the family room of our new house has a big old bolt jammed in it. It is really unattractive sticking out of the brick! I think it was my hubby who hung a picture we already owned on that bolt. It never looked right because the bolt was too low and so the picture was not hanging at the right height.   It drove me nuts and yet it hung there for a year and seven months. Sigh again. As it hung there I decided it would look much better in our bedroom hanging over the bed.  Tonight was the big night when it made the journey to the bedroom. Yeah!

When we moved into our old house I hung a clock on an existing nail in a wall. That clock must have hung there for five years. So a year and seven months doesn’t come anywhere close to our old record!

Since I spend so much time at the computer that desk has developed an unfortunate layer, or 15, of paper. Hubby was hoping it could get cleaned up at some point but it all has to do with some project I am working on so it has to stay nearby. I came up with the idea of putting a three-tiered letter holder on the wall  but never could find quite what I was looking for.  Yesterday I went to my Youngest Daughter’s school to have lunch with her now that her finals are over. While I was there I OF COURSE stopped at the nearby HomeGoods store. And then I saw it!!!! Just what I wanted! And so much more attractive than the plastic ones I was about to buy from an office store.  It kind of looks like the one below, but without all the scroll work. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry.

So, today I will be cleaning off the desk, which will make my Hubby happy next time he sits down at the computer. I am looking forward to a slightly less chaotic workspace as well.  Ahhh…the little things…..

I found this item at:





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