But We Don’t Play Golf!

12 12 2011

Friday morning was one of those blessed mornings when the dog and /or cat did not get me up by 7 a.m. Then, at 7:26 I heard a BOOM! and the sound of lots of little things falling. To be honest, is sounded kind of like a kid throwing a big dirt clod against the house, where you hear the sound of the clod hitting the house and then you hear all the dirt falling. I bolted out of bed, looked at the bedroom windows, and decided I had no idea what the sound was. If I had not just bolted out of bed I would have realized it was probably a golf ball hitting the house.

You see, my family lives next to a golf course. I am sometimes reluctant to say that because it sounds WAY more upscale than it is in reality. The reality is that my Hubby’s dream was to have a three car garage. My dream was to live in a one story house (bad ankles). In our area we are living in just about the only place where houses have three car garages and are all one story. Therefore, we live next to a golf course.

When we bought this house a whole lot of people asked my husband if he played golf. Nope. He does not! Neither do I. But it is too bad we don’t because we would never have to buy a golf ball again. Our yard is littered with them. I went out in the back yard Friday evening and found three.  It is kind of like an Easter egg hunt 365 days a year! We do make our family and friends who are golfers very happy, as well as the golf teams at the local high school. Yes, we get that many gold balls in our yard!

We are not golfers, as I previously mentioned. Living as we do next to a golf course we have had to conclude that many people who golf are also not golfers. They have to slice that ball pretty badly to get it in our yard. Based on the golf ball evidence, many people do. Unfortunately, all that bad golfing also results in broken windows. And that is the final chapter of my Friday story. About 4 p.m. Friday afternoon my Eldest Daughter said, “Mom, did you know that the window in the family room is broken?”   Oh, that is what I heard, the golf ball hitting the window and the sound of lots of little pieces of glass falling on the ground….

We didn’t have a single broken window the first year we lived here. But this second year….well we have had four broken windows so far. Only three months to go to finish out our second year in this house. Here is hoping the bad golfers stay away!




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