The Dog and Cat are out to get me!

16 12 2011

Sometimes I think that the cat and dog conspire to mess with my mind. For months now, ever since I got laid off at the end of April, the dog is clicking her toenails outside my bedroom door by 7:15 EVERY morning. Once the cat hears the dog it is all over because he begins to meow and I have to get up to save my sanity. This morning, I dragged out of bed at about 7:20 a.m. as the bathroom was calling. I knew I couldn’t go back to bed because once the animals hear me, the are really up, even if they hadn’t been previously.

I went out in the hall and called the dog’s name. “Honey!” No dog. I wandered out to the den where her bed is and called again, “Honey!!.” At this point I can see her bed, although all I can see is the body of a dog as her head was hidden behind the corner of the couch. But what I could see wasn’t moving. Lord, I thought, don’t tell me she has died in the night! So I call again and add a tone of urgency designed to wake the dead. Which it did. Apparently she was dead asleep and had no intention of getting me up any time soon. She was so asleep ( or had had a bender the night before that didn’t include me) that she literally staggered over to say good morning. In 11 years I have never seen this!

So, now that I had concluded that I still had a live dog we both wandered down the hall to the garage. I opened the door and I could see the cat still on his bed. He totally threw me a “What?” look, because it was obvious that if I hadn’t disturbed him he was going to be sleeping for awhile. I was so annoyed!




2 responses

17 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

Sounds like the cat and dog have you right where they want you. I never cease to be amazed by how well my cats have trained me to do exactly what they want.

18 12 2011

Stand by for an update on Monday!

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