I Won!!!!

19 12 2011

As I have begun this new hobby called blogging I have found other people’s blogs that I enjoy and now follow myself. One is called “Never Done It That Way Before” and is located at: http://neverthatway.wordpress.com

Last week she had a contest to give away the extra Perry the Platypus Pez dispenser she had purchased. She and her husband each purchased one for their little daughter’s stocking and they didn’t need two! Imagine my surprise when I won it!!!! Yes, Perry will be winging, or trucking, his way to me from Minnesota!

I have a number of blogs I enjoy following and one of these days, I am hoping very soon, someone with more computer knowledge than me (Don and Joe, are you listening?) will help me actually put those blogs under the “Blogs I Love” heading in the sidebar on this page. Until then, feel free to check out Never Done It That Way Before. And be jealous of me enjoying Pez from my Perry the Platypus!




2 responses

19 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

Congratulations on winning a major award! I hope you savor each and every piece of pez that is dispensed for the platypus’ head.

20 12 2011

Oh I will, I will!

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