Even pets can give me guilt!

20 12 2011

My post last Friday was about my cat and dog’s conspiracy on Thursday to prevent me from sleeping in. Well, I still think the cat was engaged in a conspiracy but now I know the dog was conked out because she was getting sick! Poor thing! I feel so guilty of accusing her of having it out for me! In spite of the fact that she is up to date on all the vaccinations available to give a member of the canine species, and even though she rarely encounters another dog, she has managed to come down with kennel cough!

The name of that virus is a misnomer. It should be called “kennel hacking, barking, gagging cough that keeps my owners up all night.” I feel like I have a baby again. Remember when the baby got sick and there wasn’t much you could do to relieve the symptoms? Works the same way with a dog. Hubby and I spend our days and nights dispensing medicine, providing warm broth, giving her snacks, chew toys, and peanut butter, anything to calm the cough. Meanwhile, we have our finger on the mute button so we can pause the TV when she starts coughing as it is impossible to hear much of anything when she gets going. I have NEVER had a dog with this before. Aren’t the humans supposed to get sick at Christmas time?

I am happy to report that she is getting better. However, I was told by the vet that if she is still coughing after we use up the seven days of cough medicine, I am to call them to get more. I felt that this was ominous news….Ominous news for me getting enough sleep, I mean. For those who live near me I must mention that this virus is going around the area and is air bourne. I wish you luck!




One response

20 12 2011
S. Kay Murphy

Oof, I understand the guilt! And your poor pup… glad to hear she’s getting better.
Kim, I’m wondering if you got my last email. Can you contact me via email when you get a moment?

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