Pokemon Cards and History

21 12 2011

My Eldest Daughter received a package from a foreign land today. It was something she had ordered off of Ebay. It had been opened and resealed and had a green sticker on it from Homeland Security, indicating that they had inspected it. We had to laugh. How disappointed the inspectors must have been to discover that the box only contained Japanese Pokemon cards!

My Eldest has become the Crafting Queen of our house. She uses the Pokemon cards to make wallets. She has discovered that people her age feel a deep nostalgia for the Pokemon cards of their youth. THAT makes me laugh! Weren’t Pokemon cards just, like, yesterday?  Oh, our perspective is so different depending on our age, isn’t it?

I belong to a local Historical Society. We have discovered that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea that a building built in their life time can be historic. However, according to the Secretary of Interior standards, we should be looking at any building over 50 years of age for possible historic eligibility. Sigh! That means if I was a building I could be declared historic!




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