I know it is Christmas….

22 12 2011

I know it is Christmas time because….

I still have a boat load of cookies in my kitchen from the cookie exchange we went to. I normally try to keep those evil little suckers out of my house but it is Christmas, when the lion is supposed to lay down with the lamb and we are supposed to make amends with our enemies. Take my word for it,  I am REALLY trying to befriend this batch.

A real tree has taken up residence in my living room. It is slowing turning into a dry fire hazard and hey, nothing says “Happy Holidays” like having a fire hazard in my living room!

The wind started up again early this morning and it is really blowing. In inland Southern California, it isn’t December unless you have to chase your outside Christmas decorations down the street a half-dozen times before December 25th.

As sure as I know that the sun will come out tomorrow, I also know that a Christmas card will arrive in my mail box tomorrow or Saturday from someone I didn’t send one to, and I will not have enough time to get one to them by December 25th.  It is great to have traditions this time of year and this is one of mine.




4 responses

22 12 2011

Well, you can always just say, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year, and leave out the part about Christmas.

22 12 2011

Well, you can always just say Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year and leave the part about Christmas out.

22 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

You are so right about that last minute card from someone you did not send a card to. It’s always a moral dilemma…do you send a card now which they will obviously assume was sent as a result of receiving their card or do you just wait until next year to put them back on your list?

22 12 2011

Happy holidays!

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