Things I will do differently next Christmas

26 12 2011

December 25th was a beautiful day in Southern California. The weather was perfect after several days of wind. My brother, the golfer, went on a little “Easter egg hunt” and found eight or so golf balls in our back yard, including the one the whistled in over his head as he was looking. This was after Hubby found about the same amount the day before, and didn’t count the three that were in the bottom of the pool. The holidays really seem to bring out the bad golfers!

This being the day after Christmas, I am contemplating what I will and will not do differently next Christmas.  The things that will stay the same include the meal, which was yummy if I do say so myself, and the schedule, which has always worked in the past and worked again this year. My husband and I managed to use up the roll of wrapping paper that has annoyed me ever since I bought it. It was sort of plastic coated and required lots of tape to keep the paper from popping open and exposing the present. With concerted effort, lots of presents were wrapped in “Ho Ho Ho” paper and that annoying wrap is history!

There are only a few things that I would do a little differently next year:

1. Never buy the aforementioned type of wrapping paper again.

2. Buy some larger boxes so I don’t have to wrap so many different things. Young adult girls like to get clothes and, really, each piece of clothing does not have to be wrapped separately!

3. Make sure that the dog has plenty of time for her morning constitutional. When I let her out Christmas morning I didn’t give her enough time, apparently. An hour and a half later she, um, made a deposit just a few feet from where we were opening presents. Yep, she is going to get a nice long morning visit to the back yard next year!

4. I am going to take more photos. Can’t have too many photos of Christmas!

Really, of that was all that needed tweaking, it must have been a pretty good Christmas, and it was! Hope yours went well, too.




2 responses

29 12 2011
Paprika Furstenburg

Glad your Christmas went so well. As for the wrapping paper, it’s miserable stuff to work with and it always seems to come in those giant sized economy rolls that it takes 2 years to go through.

28 12 2011

Totally agree with the wrapping paper! That stuff is a killer!

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