It’s the Weather Again!

2 01 2012

December was chilly here in Southern California until the day before Christmas when it warmed up considerably. It has stayed warm ever since and yesterday, the first day of January, it was 86 degrees! Since New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday and the usual things like parades and football games were delayed until Monday, we decided to enjoy the nice weather and the whole family hopped in the car and went to a local outdoor mall. We normally enjoy wandering around there window shopping but it was just a bit too warm yesterday!

OK, it was actually a lot too warm! Really, it is the middle of winter. The shorts and sandals are relegated to the back of the closet. Things are just not polished, waxed, buffed or shaved as they should be for summer time clothes. So, there we were in long pants, clothed toed shoes, and, with a nod to the sun, short-sleeved shirts. In the shade it was nice. In the sun my dark-colored jeans heated up nicely, way too nicely. We all kept looking at each other and saying things like , “This is January 1st, right?” Last night we all sat around watching TV until 11:20 or so. A few feet away the sliding glass door was open, letting in the night air. Maybe this is what New Year’s Day is like in Austrailia!

Back in October I wrote the following post:  In that post I mentioned my youngest daughter’s desire to maximize closet space by rotating her clothes depending on the season. Well, the weather we are having right now is the reason why we can not put summer clothes away, ever!

I have another blog on which I post bit and pieces on the history of my local area, Jurupa Valley, California. It is located at That blog turns one year old in January and, to celebrate, I am going to be giving away some local history related items.  Those of you who live in my area may want to check it out!




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2 01 2012

I’m absolutely jealous, here in the UK it’s 48 degrees out there and the wind is howling, brrrr!

2 01 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

They are using words like “Arctic blast” and “bitter cold” to describe the weather here for the next two days. Instead of searching through my closets looking for warm weather clothes, I’m digging out layers of clothing. I’m not a fan of winter.

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