Decorations bring back memories

4 01 2012

Several years before I was born Frank and EJ and their family moved in across the street from my mom, dad, and brother. It was friend at first site for my mom and EJ. People often mistook them for sisters, even though the dark-haired EJ and the red-headed Nell really didn’t look alike. I think it was the similar joie de vire they both brought to life that made them seem like sisters.

One of the traditions they started way back when was getting together Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange presents. Our two families celebrated that night for many years, one year at their house, the next year at ours. Christmas Eve get togethers kind of fell by the wayside when the older kids grew up but, since I was 10 or so years younger than my brother and their kids (and after my dad passed away) it was still me, my mom, and Frank and EJ getting together sometime during the holiday season. Eventually we added my husband and our two kids.  With my parents long gone and Frank leaving us a few years back it is now it is just my family of four and EJ.

Last Wednesday night was our annual get together with EJ. I had a number of decorations of my mom’s out because this house is more suited to using them than the old house was. Everywhere EJ turned she saw something she recognized. She and my mom often bought the same Christmas decorations since they had similar tastes or went shopping together so EJ wasn’t just seeing my mom’s decorations, she was seeing her own as well. It was something the very chipper 89-year-old really enjoyed and we enjoyed seeing her enjoyment.

I, of course, completely understand “the reason for the season.” But, it is moments like that night last week that make it clear why Christmas is so big and crazy. I doubt my mom and EJ would have had old summer barbecue decorations to talk and and reminisce over.

Christmas decorations on a dining room table

This is a little display that was on my dining room table before the big meal. The table cloth and plastic santa were thrift store finds this year. The ornaments and the four little angels that spell "NOEL" were my Mom's.




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5 01 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Really sweet post 🙂

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