I Get Extra Points

5 01 2012

I just called Hubby to tell him about a few things going on in my life today. You see, my Youngest Daughter was hit by a drunk driver almost two years ago and, in spite of the fact that the car received only moderate damage it was totalled by the insurance company. We decided to take it back and fix it, which we did. But reregistering the thing is now taking an act of God.

I have an appointment today with the California DMV, which is equal to saying I have an appointment to have a tooth extracted without Novocaine. I am willing to put my big girl panties on and get this done. But I also woke up today with a migraine and an upset stomach due to the new antibiotic I am on. Which gets us back to why I called my husband. I wanted to make sure he realized that I get extra marriage points for today. DMV + Migraine = extra points.

Hubby said I could have the joy of spreading germs to which I replied that the sad thing is, I am not germy! However, I reserve the right to spread a little “joy” if things don’t go well at the DMV. Then I am coming home, crawling into bed,  and hoping tomorrow goes better!




3 responses

6 01 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Hope you are feeling better. Antibiotics always make me feel worse that the original illness I was taking them for.

5 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

Unfortunately, this IS the second antibiotic! I had an allergic reaction to the first one. Sooooo….in light of that stomach upset is considered unimportant. And this is the 4th one I have been on and I am allergic to two others. Don’t know if there is anything left to give me! So I am going to see if I can muscle through this one. Thanks for thinking of me!

5 01 2012

I would go back to the doctor and say that I need a different antibiotic! That happened to me once, and after I got another antibiotic, the side effects went away.

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