January 8th is the Coolest Birthday!

9 01 2012

Yesterday was January 8th. It was Elvis Presley’s birthday and David Bowie’s birthday. It was also Hubby’s birthday. I have always been so jealous that he shares his birthday with such cool people! I share my birthday with Ricardo Montalban. Feel free to look him up if you are too young to know who that is. I am sure he was a lovely man and I loved the TV show “Fantasy Island,”  but he is NOT as cool as Elvis and Bowie!

But then, my Hubby is a pretty cool guy, except for this birthday. He was, and is, sick as a dog, poor man. The fever is making sure he is not cool right now. But he rose to the occasion and let his mom take us all out for lunch and he opened presents and ate cake and ice cream and them crawled back to the couch to watch football and be ill.

I think I am catching whatever plague he picked up at work. But that is OK because, like I said, my hubby is a pretty cool guy. If you can’t give your germs to your wife, who can you give them to? And I would rather get germs from him than any one else on earth.




2 responses

10 01 2012

Hope everyone is well soon.

9 01 2012
Linda Wingard

Happy Birthday to Mark, and I hope he is feeling better today. My sons birthday

is also Jan. the 8th. I agree, it is a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Wingard

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