New Movie Theater Experiance

10 01 2012

My family has a tradition that on the afternoon of Christmas Eve we see a movie. It started when the girls were little as a way of killing time before the festivities started in the evening. Even though they are adults now we still do it as a family tradition. We have a 14 screen movie theater near by which closed earlier this year but has since changed owners and recently reopened. Christmas Eve (which was only 2 1/2 weeks ago!) was our first chance to check it out after it reopened. It was quite the comical afternoon as we tried to cope with the new way of doing things at our old theater!

The old theater had tickets that were made out of card stock. The new management has tickets made out of very thin paper. How could this be a problem? Well, as I juggled my wallet, credit card, etc…I slipped the four tickets and receipt into my back pocket. When, mere moments later, it was time to present our tickets to get in the front door, I reached in my pocket and felt nothing more than a store receipt. That started a great search of my purse, my husband’s pockets, my other pockets…so embarrassing. I finally pulled that “store receipt” out and lo and behold, it was a receipt and FOUR TICKETS! Well, that was embarassing!

We bought some drinks and a bag popcorn. They just gave us the cups and we had to take them to the drink machine. But this wasn’t any old drink machine!!! It was a machine of infinite soda possibilities! We could have Coke, lime Coke, raspberry Coke, orange Coke…. plus all the other soda products Coke makes and all the possible additions to them as well. Oh, what to choose???? We finally settled on raspberry coke and lime Coke. Yum.

We wandered over to get some napkins for our soon to be greasy popcorn fingers and the surprises continued! They had shakers of flavors to put on the popcorn, including salt and vinegar, which is a favorite of mine! So, we put white cheddar on one half of the popcorn and salt and vinegar on the other half. As we walked to our theater I eagerly dug in to the salt and vinegar half and took a bite and…Whew! I let out a squeak! That vinegar powder went right up my nose and WOW! It packed a punch! I took another bite, not believing what happened and WOW! I let out another squeak! By now my lovely daughters were rolling their eyes and wanting to know what my problem was. I explained and they didn’t believe me. Oh, a mother’s lot in life!

We sat down in the theater and the popcorn got passed to the girls. Yep, as soon as Eldest Daughter took a bite she squeaked. Then Youngest Daughter took a bite and she squeaked! Vindication feels so good! Hubby then had to prove his ability to eat the salt and vinegar popcorn without the sinus action and he did, by refusing to breathe while putting it in his mouth. That worked, but took a bit more effort that I usually have to exert to eat popcorn.

After all that fun and excitement, the movie was just gravy!




2 responses

11 01 2012

Fantastic story telling. My face muscles are just relaxing from the wide smile I had the whole time I was reading your post.

11 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

I am so glad you liked it! I hope you will enjoy the new story about my dealings with Apple. Life is pretty funny most of the time!

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