iPod and the Scary Ride Home

11 01 2012

We are pretty frugal, Hubby and I. Not living life on the financial edge helps us sleep better at night. Sometimes we actually benefit from that. I am happy to report that the latest product recall makes us a winner!

Several years ago I purchased both daughters and my hubby what I am now being reminded was a first generation iPod Nano. They loved them and through the years have managed to keep them working for the most part. Youngest Daughter still uses hers with her clock radio to wake up in the morning, even though she can’t seem to add new music to it and can only access 200 songs. Hubby listens to his while working in his shop and it still seems to work. Eldest Daughter says hers hasn’t worked since I spilled iced tea on it. I remember the iced tea incident, but thought it had been resurrected……

Imagine our surprise and delight when we found out that these “old” iPods (only in an Apple product sence, not in a real world sence) were being recalled and replaced with new ones! It seems the battery can get very hot, something Youngest Daughter said she had noticed. I guess they weren’t meant to be music devices AND hand warmers! An article I read on-line mentioned something about “if people sill have those old Nanos…” Well, if we spend $100 bucks on something we keep it around awhile!

Of course, when it involves me, it can not be glitch free! (I will tell you about my Amazon experiences sometime.) I was supposed to get a box to ship Youngest Daughter’s  Ipod back to Apple in. Instead I get a manila bubble envelope with instructions inside on how to ship it back in the box. Hum….I called Apple today and after telling the computer man several times that I would not be giving him the device serial number for which I was calling…. and him warning me of the dire consequences of this rebellious act, I got put on hold while they tortured me with the 1975 song “Rollarcoaster” by the Ohio Players, an R&B/funk band. I am old enough to remember this song when it first came out. Didn’t like it then, really don’t like it now.  So that was fun…. Finally Carlos, customer service guy, came on the line. . Carlos was lovely and quite incredulous that all I got was a bubble envelope, a small plastic ziploc bag, and instructions about a box but no box. He assumed that Fed Ex ran out of boxes, what with the holidays and all, and substituted the envelope without chatting with Apple about it. He was amazed by the little zip lock bag, which he dryly commented would hold all the little pieces together when the device was smashed to bits in the bubble envelope, since it would not be in the box it was supposed to be in. The situation was duly noted in my file and Carlos told me I could send the Ipod back in the highly inadequate envelope (my words, not his).

Hubby has ordered his return “box” so we will see if Fed Ex gets a new supply in or if another iPod gets to take a scary ride back to the mother ship in an inadequate craft. Here is hoping the new iPods come in something better than a bubble envelope.




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