I’m Just Dancing!

18 01 2012

The day after Christmas we visited friends of ours in San Diego. My two daughters and their daughter played Just Dance, a game for the Wii, while we were there and it looked like fun. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve and my daughters had a couple of friends over. One brought his Xbox Connect and the Just Dance game for that. They asked if I wanted to dance to a song and since the rum and Coke from the VFW was still coursing through my system I said yes, and I was hooked! It was so much fun! Of course, seeing me dance was seared onto the eyeballs of my daughters’ friends, and for that I am eternally sorry!

With a gift card to Best Buy burning a hole in our pockets, I dragged the family down there on New Year’s Day and we bought Just Dance 2. The reason we bought #2 is because there are actually a few songs on there I have heard of before. We brought it home, plugged it in, and started to dance.

Last Friday morning I did what I have been promising I would do ever since January 1, which is to fire that game up and do a little dancing on my own to help combat the excessive amount of sitting I now do every day. Gosh, it was fun! My favorite songs on this version are “Proud Mary” and “Viva Las Vegas”. Yes, older songs, but I like the fact that they really move! I get more points when the song is fast and I actually  start to breathe hard. I promised myself that I would do three songs but had so much fun I did five. I have danced every day this week so far and I am still enjoying it. Here is hoping I am actually burning calories!

By the way, if a UTube sensation hits the internet titled “Middle Aged Woman is Just Dancing Bad” that will be me. And I will have to hurt someone….




3 responses

19 01 2012

Enjoyed your post and the UTube joke. Dance away.

18 01 2012

Now I want to get the game! It sure sounds like fun and a little exercise at the same time (exercise is NEVER fun!). Be sure to post the YouTube clip if you find it.

18 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

Oh, I was just joking about the UTube video. I sure hope there isn’t one out there! I truely would have to hurt someone!

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