Blogging is so Weird!

20 01 2012

This blogging thing is weird. It really is! The part I find fascinating is the fact that what I blog about is out there on the web, being picked up by search engines and sent to folks who are looking for things that have nothing to do with my blog. I guess I am easily amused but I find it so interesting! A couple of days ago my blog got a hit from someone looking up “iPod recall envelope no box.” I hope my story about that helped explain to them what was going on!

Back on December 6th I had a post harking back to summer and how the warm sun on my shoulders reminded me of that John Denver song. Well, just yesterday someone looking for “sunshine/John Denver” ended up on my blog. How the heck?????

By the way, a while back I mentioned living by a golf course and getting our windows broken by stray golf balls. Well, for any of you keeping score, yesterday was window number five since last April. Again, no windows were broken in the entire first year we lived here, but now five have been broken in 10 months. We haven’t a clue what changed and if you saw where the tee is compared to where our windows are, you too would be very puzzled as to how this is happening.  Hubby and I decided we are going to look into getting some sort of special screens to protect the windows. Meanwhile, I have become expert at fixing holes in the glass with packing tape. Tacky, I know. But until the barbecue parties start in the spring, no one will ever know except you! Don’t tell!

To all of you who read my blog, however you found it, thanks for stopping by! You help make this whole thing very fun!




2 responses

20 01 2012

I was just thinking about the oddness of searches. One that found me recently was “lose weight with rutabagas”. Very random. Does the golf course cover the cost of broken windows?

21 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

Nope. No window breakage coverage. In California, in the thousands of pages you get, read, and initial when you buy a house, there is a paragraph or two about buying a house near a golf course and the damage golf balls can cause. Actually, if I wanted to go out and confront the golfer he or she should (if they fess up) offer to pay for the damage. But we bought a house near a golf course and knew the possible consequences. Que sera sera! But I will be looking into special screens!

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