The Weather, Again

24 01 2012

Friday I had to take the cat in for a blood test to check to see if the new food we have him on is taking care of the thyroid problem he is having. After paying that bill I decided to do my own nails, both toes and fingers.  I try to do that outside so it doesn’t make the whole house smell of nail polish and remover.  I pulled off my shoes and strolled barefoot out the door and sat on the patio, sun at my back. There I spent the next hour painting my finger nails and toe nails, sipping a hot mocha, reading a book, and just enjoying the weather. It was a bit cool and my bare feet got a little chilly, but I was in short sleeves and the sun, as I said, was at my back. It was January 20th.

It probably goes without saying that the weather was beautiful. But, in typical Southern California fashion, the weather turned on a dime and an hour after I got done I was sitting inside the house and started feeling chilly. I had to get up and get a sweater to put on. Saturday and Sunday it was even chillier. Monday (yesterday) it rained all day. Today the sun is shining but it is very windy.

We do have months around here where it weather is pretty consistent. You can be pretty sure that every day in August will be hot. But you can also be pretty sure that there will be at least a few days in January when the weather will be really nice. I am glad I got to enjoy one of those days last Friday.

The weather here in August, September, and the first half of October can be brutally hot. The crazy winds that begin in October are so so dry and can drive a wild fire like a wind from hell. Some times it rains in a nice way and other times it raisn until we are all practually washed away as we careen around on wet slippery roads. But, then, there are days like last Friday. Nothing says home like sitting on the patio in January.




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25 01 2012

I know, the weather is so crazy here!! Almost every morning, I’m surprised that my car’s air conditioner was on the day before. Then in the afternoons, I’m surprised that my car’s heater was on that morning. Most mornings, I leave my house wearing layers of sweaters, and then I come home in the afternoons carrying them.

24 01 2012

Here in the northeast we have had a very mild winter. Today it was 50 degrees (north of Philadelphia). I thought that was lovely but it certainly isn’t short sleeve weather. Beautiful days in the winter are a gift.

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