Not Much To Say

25 01 2012

I began this blog at the beginning of October. My plan was to post to my blog at least twice a week. Apparently I had some kind of pent up need to spew words at the world and I have actually posted five days a week most weeks. I have amazed even myself. But, I have to tell you, this unemployed woman in the middle who sits at home a large percentage of the day trying to finish the local history book I am working on does not lead an amazingly exciting life.

I could tell you about going to the city council meeting last night where I heard about plans for road paving in the city of Jurupa Valley, the newest city in California. I have to admit, I found that subject very interesting but the rest of you out there were either at the meeting with me or don’t really care.

I could tell you that I picked a new doctor yesterday. Yee Haw! Talk about excitement! I called and asked a woman in the office at my medical clinic that assigns doctors if it was normal for me to call my doctor on a Monday and not be able to get an appointment at all that week. I found out that he is only in the office two days a week right now. At that point I said give me a new doctor. I am tired of Urgent Care being my primary care physician.

I could tell you that the wind this morning has moved off the charts and I anticipate my patio furniture flying into the next county at any moment. Really. But you hear about the weather enough from me so unless something truly spectacular happens I won’t talk about the wind any more, at least today!

As you can see, after three months of solid blogging, there are just going to be days when I don’t have a whole lot to say! I hope you won’t hold it against me!




One response

26 01 2012

In my part of New England it is difficult to find a primary care doctor under 60 who works more than 2-3 days a week. Good luck with finding one. At least you live where the population is large enough to have Urgent Care clinics.

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