Blackie the Cutting Edge Cat

27 01 2012
Blackie the cat enjoying the window seat.

Blackie the cat, without a care in the world, sleeping on the window seat.

We are not exactly cutting edge around here. No smart phones, only recently got a TV that is flat, and our dryer is avocado green, if that gives you some idea of its age. So leave it to Blackie the cat to be riding the wave of something brand new!

Back when he had his mystery abscess he was tested and it was determined that he had a high thyroid problem, otherwise known as hyperthyroidism.  A month later the test came back the same. So, the vet laid out our options which included surgery, radiation, pills everyday for the rest of his life…..or a new food from Hill’s Prescription Diet. Well, Blackie is a pretty easy-going cat but he is not big into pills. The surgery and/or radiation seemed excessive. But food, now that is something Blackie can get into! He loves food in all shapes and forms! This food based way of correcting hyperthyroidism in cats is so new that Blackie would be only the second cat our veterinarian practice would have trying the diet. The first cat was only in the initial stages of the diet so they hadn’t seen results yet. But if we could help our kitty without the use of knives, radioactivity, or the dreaded pills, what the heck?

I am pleased to report that, just as expected, Blackie has been eating the food with relish. It comes in both dry and canned types so he has been getting some of both each day and he licks his lips with delight after each meal (but then, he licks his lips with delight after ANY meal!). I took him in last Friday after a month on the new food for a blood test. We just heard back yesterday that his thyroid level is back into normal range and his kidneys are working just fine. (Apparently this diet can have impacts on the kidneys.)

So we are happy, Blackie is more active than he has been in years and, at least for now, we don’t have to deal with getting pills down him. That is something to cheer about! Oh, and by the way, I am just telling you about another happening in my life. No money changed hands and Hill’s Prescription Diet doesn’t know me from Adam.

Update: June 19, 2012   Blackie just had another blood test to check his kidneys. They are doing reasonably well. The veterinarian mentioned that two of the numbers were a smidge low (low normal is 6, his was a 5) so he suggested we test him again in 2 months as it can take a while for underlying kidney problems to show up in a cat’s behavior and by then it can be too late. We will reevaluate the Y/D cat food again in two months. For now I am trading the ease of dealing with the thyroid problem with food for having to get $65 blood tests every two months. For those of you thinking of using the Y/D food, it is something for you to consider.   




8 responses

30 01 2012
S. Kay Murphy

Hurray for black cats and the lucky people who adopt them!

28 01 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

This is great news! Any time you don’t need to give a cat a pill it’s a win win for every living creature involved.

27 01 2012

I’m glad your kitty is feeling better. Oh, btw, my mom had a used olive green washing machine in the 80’s, so I have an idea of how old your washing machine is!

27 01 2012

She also had an olive green dryer like you have.

27 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

When we got married in 1986 we were offered the washer and dryer from our church pasonage. The new minister and his wife had their own much newer machines. As poor newlyweds we lept at the chance to buy them. We replaced the washer a number of years ago. The dryer has broken twice but Hubby was able to fix it both times. The last time he fixed it I said we are getting a new one the next time this thing breaks. Well, I must have scared it becaue it has hummed along for years now with no problems. It must be 30 years old now. I know, a new one would be more energy efficient, but when it works it is hard to justify replacing it!

27 01 2012

So glad that Blackie is responding to the special food.

27 01 2012
Woman in the Middle

So are we! So much less trama for everyone!

27 01 2012

Glad to hear Blackie is doing better. And glad for you it didn’t require pills!

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