22 years ago today….

30 01 2012

It seems impossible that I have a 22-year-old child. I am only 24 myself, right? No? Oh…..

The poor kid who had to train her dad and I on all this parenting stuff, who had to carry the child load all by herself for the first two years of her life, is turning 22 years old today. She is in her last year of college, heading towards that big old world out there, and I am trying to not have a panic attack!

I still remember, and always will, the little girl who looked like a Gerber baby. She was such a bald little thing but so adorable that I would have to fight my way through the little old ladies at the grocery store who wanted to stop me and tell be how cute she was. “Yes, I know she is cute, now let me get my milk and get out of here!”

She is the little girl who thought any fancy church she saw was a castle. For a year or so I lived in a place where castles stood and that was delightful. She is the child who, in spite of being raised by parents who can’t really carry a tune, actually can sing and has, in shows and as a soloist. She is the English major and oh so useful when something I write needs to have a fresh eye look it over.   She is the only one in the family who loses it over potty jokes just like I do and I am forever grateful for the companionship at those times. Jokes are funnier when someone is collapsed on the couch laughing with you.

smiling baby

Happy Birthday my darling little girl.




2 responses

31 01 2012

Cute picture! It’s nice that she let it be posted. Most students I work with would get embarrassed if their baby pictures were shown on the internet.

30 01 2012
S. Kay Murphy

Wow, no kidding, mama–what a gorgeous baby!

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