Another Reason to Lose Weight

7 02 2012

I am over weight. I own that, I embrace it, I admit it. I am not thrilled by it, I am not proud of it, but it is my state of being at the moment and to pretend something different would be ridiculous. There are many reasons why I should lose weight but today I have to acknowledge another one that just came to my attention: if I do not lose weight I may blow up my house.

You see, when I came home last night the house smelled like gas. When I pointed it out to my Hubby he said that it smelled a whole lot better then than when he came home.  Our new house has a microwave above the stove. The knobs on the stove are located on the front of the appliance, about stomach level. Sometimes when I am getting in and out of the microwave, like I was last night when I was warming up the various components of my dinner, my stomach brushes up against the knobs and even turns them just a but, just enough to start the gas flowing a tiny bit for ignition but not enough to start the flame. Add that to the fact that I ate at 5 pm, just before I left for a class I was taking, and the fact that Hubby didn’t get home until 8 or 8:30 and ….kaboom! Well, there wasn’t a kaboom but what if I did that before we left for a long weekend? I can see the headline now, “Obesity leads to house explosion.”

Funny, but the doctor didn’t mention that as a reason to lose weight when I saw him last week. Maybe he should have….




3 responses

8 02 2012

I was scared of gas stoves even before reading your post. Lived for a year in an apartment with a gas stove — I used a hot plate & electric fry pan all year. Love my electric stove.

7 02 2012

You can lose weight OR get a stove with the controls at the back!

7 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

Seriously, I need to do something! I really don’t like to reach over a hot stove to fiddle with the knobs, but that is better than blowing up the house and the family with it!

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